Posted by: Nar Williams | February 27, 2008

Watch a Vampire Workout

Vampire Bats have evolved their own form of running. They are the only species of bat to do so. Daniel Riskin of Cornell University shot this footage of a vampire bat on a treadmill:

From the Science News article:

Other species can shuffle. “The typical bat can get from A to B, but it looks really clumsy while it does it,” Riskin says.

In contrast, he ranks the ground-traversing skills of vampire bats as “off-the-scale good.” The 8-centimeter-long animals move nimbly in any direction, easily making the transition from ground to air movement. They can jump into flight from a standing start in some 30 milliseconds.

Funny, I always thought a vampire workout would look something more like this scene from Blade: Trinity.

But I guess not all Desmodus rotundus are fortunate enough to go toe-to-toe with Jessica Biel.

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