Posted by: ronpurtee | February 26, 2008

The Boys Take The Stage

Not only does it seem like Garth Ennis’ work is going to show up during Punisher: War Zone, but it also seems that his book, The Boys, will be on the silver screen as well.


Columbia Pictures has acquired the rights to indie comicbook “The Boys” and will develop a feature adaptation along with producer Neal H. Moritz and his Sony-based Original Film banner.

Created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, the contemporary-set comicbook series follows a CIA squad, known informally as “the boys,” whose job is to keep watch on the proliferation of superheroes and, if necessary, intimidate or eliminate them.

Ennis is also the creator of the highly successful book, Preacher (for those under a rock) which is currently in development at HBO.

This could be quite possibly more intense then watching Glitter, but in a good way – I promise.


  1. Preacher is my fave comic book ever — I expect HBO to do it justice… PLEASE!!!

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