Posted by: ronpurtee | February 26, 2008

Superman Flys, Why Can’t Rumors?

So I was on the phone today with someone rather important. I’m not one to name drop, or reveal sources, and well, he didn’t tell me much, but it got me thinking.

I was told that at Wizard World Chicago someone who hasn’t done an American show in a long time will be there.

Immediately I was enthralled. I thought Alan Moore was coming and the geeks of the US could feel the warming glow of Alan Moore’s… warming glow. Alas, I was mistaken — I think.

All the names I gave, he said I was cold. The names? Ennis, Gaiman, and Moore.

So who do YOU think it’s going to be?

My guess? It’s going to be Burt Ward, but after signing an enormous amount of autographs, he will reveal himself to be Joe Quesada, who will in turn laugh maniacally and reveal himself to be a Skrull.


  1. My guess: Grant Morrison. He is writing Final Crisis, which is supposed to launch in May, right? The con is in June… seems like perfect timing to me!

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