Posted by: Ryan McDonald | February 26, 2008

Power to the greenskins, right on!


The Goblin Defense Fund is an online group with a noble goal: the upward-mobility of the Goblin race in D&D and other gaming systems…

The Goblin Defense Fund is an organization dedicated to defending the rights of the Goblin race. We have pledged our lives to the following goals:

  • To achieve full social and descriptive rights for goblins. We demand an end to implications that goblins are stupid, filthy, cruel, ugly slave-takers and torturers. These bilious slanders could not be further from the truth.
  • To achieve full game-mechanical rights for goblins (and, to a lesser extent, their ‘monstrous’ humanoid brethren.) No longer shall goblins, orcs, gnolls, and other races be saddled with -2 to Charisma scores and lousy racial bonuses relative to those given to the ‘good’ races like dwarves, elves, and halflings.
  • To end the use of goblins as ‘cannon fodder’ in modules for low-level, incompetent adventurers. To the extent that goblins are used as opponents, they should be described and played as being no less ruthless or clever than the murderous thugs invading their homes.
  • To inform the gaming public of the adverse effects of racial discrimination against goblins and seek its elimination.”

Go on over to , check out ask Mr.Goblin, read the talking points and sign the petition.

Just think of all the helpless green-skinned fodder your characters have chewed up throughout the years, all to get a few XP and a +1 dagger… I’ve been personally responsible for the decimation of at least a few hundred of the little guys, but I’ve finally seen the light and changed my ways. It’s Kobolds or nothin’ now!


  1. Wow. Kobolds watch out. We need somebody to help us STACK our stats and equipment.

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