Posted by: Ryan McDonald | February 20, 2008

Why doesn’t anyone consult me on these things?


Today there was the last total lunar eclipse a majority of the U.S.  could see until 2010… and of course YOU COULDN’T SEE IT! Here in Los Angeles the local media had been telling everyone that THE place to see the eclipse is at the Griffith Observatory. The thing is… a lunar eclipse is something that you can see (and should see) with your naked eyes or a pair of binoculars. You want to see the entire moon as it disappears from view, not just a part of it. A telescope is too powerful and not needed, but don’t tell the citizens of Los Angeles that… They heard it on the TV, so it MUST be true! *sigh*

But wait… there’s more!

The Griffith Observatory sits above the City of Los Angeles on the summit of Mount Hollywood. We normally don’t get this thing called “weather” here in L.A., EXCEPT when there is something going on that we need clear skies for… and today was no exception. It started to rain last night and stayed completely clouded over for a majority of the day. Normal people would look outside and say,

“Hey, it looks like it’s really cloudy near the Observatory. Maybe we should go somewhere where we could SEE the Moon for this eclipse-thing?”

But, remember that they have just been told, (on the television no less) that the Observatory is THE place to go… so that’s where they go.

They come in droves from their homes in the high desert and coastal areas with crystal clear skies and perfect viewing to the overcast, cloudy, crap-tastic views at the Observatory and when they get there and there’s no view and no Moon, what then? That’s when I laugh at them and add insult to injury by letting them know that there’s no Laserium anymore either… 😉


  1. They ditched the Laserium?! Not right. I was up at the observatory the other day with a cameraman, shooting some video for a story on asteroids (not the video game). I got kicked off the site for not having a permit. And of course, Ryan wasn’t there that day. PWNED!

  2. You got in trouble because you asked for the wrong person… I don’t go under the name RyantheMighty there. I have a secret identity. Duh… You should have asked for Ryan…

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