Posted by: Nar Williams | February 19, 2008

How Are You Celebrating Octopus Week?

Sinister Six

That’s right, this week is officially Octopus Week (in Seattle, anyway)! Biologists at the Seattle Aquarium kicked off the week by releasing a giant Pacific octopus named Tank back into the wild.

What makes Octopi so cool? Well, for a start, they look like aliens. But they’re smart, too. Not as smart as a golden retriever or a cat, but they’re the brainy geeks of invertebrates. They have distinct personalities, participate in ‘play’, and can differentiate between people.

In an experiment done by Roland Anderson, a biologist at the Seattle Aquarium, giant Pacific octopuses would rise to the surface to greet a researcher who had fed them in the past. But when a second researcher approached – one who’d touched them with a bristly stick – they squirted water on him.

Take that, mean guy with a stick!

I propose that all those in the Nerdvana Universe celebrate Octopus Week — go eat some tako at your local sushi bar; throw one on the ice at a Red Wings game; re-read the Sinister Six story arc in Amazing Spider-Man issues #334-339 starring the best Spidey villian ever, Doc Oc.

You know, whatever you think is best.


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