Posted by: Ryan McDonald | February 18, 2008

Sometimes you wanna’ go where everybody knows your avatar…


“ is the premiere Cyber-Home for Fan-Gals and Fan-Guys who love all things Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy and Animation!”

  • Pissed off at those MySpace pornstars who don’t write back?
  • Afraid of traditional IRL format human interaction?
  • Love to post pictures of yourself in home-made costumes from the Sarah Con Chron Con?

Then you’re our target audience!

… and you’ll probably either laugh at or be really into

I thought of myself as definately the former when I saw the flier for the site. Thinking about it later however, there are some CRAZY FINE Sailor Moon gurlz at conventions and I’ll admit that Christmas would be easier if I could just zip down to Comic Smash and see what’s lurking in her “to buy” folder…

Isn’t that all we really want in life? Someone to share the little things with.

S’all good withg me just so long as you don’t end up like that freaky deaky  dentist couple in Trekkies… *shudder*

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