Posted by: ronpurtee | February 15, 2008

Being Alan Moore

Since we are still all over Alan Moore, and Watchmen has been sent to production hell thanks to Rupert Murdoch (of Fox fame) claiming he owns the rights, let’s sit back with Grandpa Moore as he discusses Watchmen on BBC 4!

He may have aged, but damn if he isn’t one of the best writers out there. Sorry, Jim Starlin.


  1. Alan Moore has said that Watchmen is unfilmable: “I didn’t design it to show off the similarities between cinema and comics, which are there, but in my opinion are fairly unremarkable. It was designed to show off the things that comics could do that cinema and literature couldn’t.”

  2. […] is this a perfect list? Because¬†Achieve Nerdvana patron wizard Alan Moore scores the top 4 out of 5! So, in case you’ve been wondering why we here at AN gush over him […]

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