Posted by: Nar Williams | February 13, 2008

3 Presidential Candidates, 1 Vote for Electronic Privacy

Following up on last week’s Super Tuesday Guide to Tech-Friendly Politicians, I’d like to take this chance to point out which Presidential Candidate puts their money where their mouth is — and actually cares about your privacy.

Yesterday the U.S. Senate voted on an amendment to deny AT&T and other telecommunications companies legal immunity if they are proven in court to have violated federal privacy law by opening their networks to the National Security Agency.

John McCain, and every other republican senator, voted against the ammendment.

Hillary Clinton, who has stated that she opposes retroactive immunity for telecommunications providers, didn’t show up for the vote.

Only Senator Barack Obama voted to protect your right to electronic privacy.

Btw, much to President Bush’s delight, the ammendment failed. For more on this story, go here.

Obama Pwns

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