Posted by: Nar Williams | February 11, 2008

HD DVD = Betamax? Netflix Thinks So

Online video rental juggernaut Netflix announced today that they will phase out their stock of HD DVDs and only stock Blu-ray discs as their choice for hi-def movies.

Toshiba, the chief developer of the HD DVD standard, hasn’t given any signs of backing off from the two-year run of competition, despite the fact that the majority of film studios have chosen the Blu-ray format.

The studios and distributors may have a hard choice to make when deciding between these two formats, but for us consumers, the decision couldn’t be easier — WAIT IT OUT. Does anybody really need to upgrade to a hi-def DVD player right now, anyway? I didn’t think so. The hi-def libraries on both sides are pretty meager, and the players themselves are way too pricey considering the state of our now shitty economy.

Anyone who remembers the VHS vs. Betamax Wars knows it sucks to be stuck with the loser technology. Though things are looking up for Blu-ray, I’ll sit this one out until the dust settles.

FOLLOW UP (Feb.12th, 2008):

Reuters is reporting that in a classic kick-em-while-they’re-down move, Best Buy is endorsing Blu-ray as the next gen hi-def format. D’oh!


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