Posted by: Ryan McDonald | February 11, 2008

April 4th… What the Frack?


Do you remember… in the before times… there was a series… a remade series… about a group of people looking for a place called Earth. It pwnd. It won awards. It was Battlestar Galactica, and it was good.

And lo, the SciFi gods looked down at this series and said. “We shall make copious amounts of money on this series. We shall squeeze the viewer for all they art worth.”

And thusly they broketh the seasons in twain. DVDs and miniseries and bullshit webisodes flowed freely through the streets of Galactica like a fracking gravy train.

But all was not well in the boardrooms of the SciFi gods for they hath awakened the sleeping wrath of the fanboy and vengeance was nigh.

The fanboys stopped watching their series and stopped buying their shitty DVDs as episodes of introspection and character growth for Dee and Kat outnumbered the episodes of action and storylines the fanboys had enjoyed one season earlier.

We have waited a long time for the new season and the conclusion of this epic voyage, and it seems we will have to wait a little longer. The release of the new episodes has been postponed again until April 4th. With one season left, will the crew of Galactica find Earth? A better question is, if or when they do, will we even care?


  1. You mean I need to wait 2 more months to watch a full episode committed to Dee? Frak!

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