Posted by: Nar Williams | February 8, 2008

The Great Music Industry Shake Up Continues…

Graham Nash

With The Grammys coming up this Sunday (and never being more, well, lame?), there’s of course plenty of talk about the state of the music industry. Record sales were down 15% last year, continuing a seven year slide that began with the advent of music downloading. Lots of folks are looking for a successful record label model that benefits the artist (iTunes is a distribution model that pretty much leaves the artist in the dust).

NovaTunes could be on to something: they are a new digital record label that pays a whopping 70% of revenue to the artist at the moment of purchase. The label currently has 50 artists signed, including Jackson Browne and Graham Nash (one of my personal faves of all time).

So here’s the deal: you can listen to full albums on their site, or pay 7 bucks and download the album with DRM-free tracks, artwork, and videos. This sounds like a resonable business model from a consumer’s perspective — you’re not dropping $17 bucks for a cd, giving Apple your money, and leaving the artist you’re listening to completely out of it. Perhaps we’ll see some more digital record labels sprouting up as the industry continues to morph in the Internet Age.


  1. oooo. i’m gonna have to check that site out.

    btw, i had no idea nar was nominated for a grammy {hint: photo}

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