Posted by: Nar Williams | February 7, 2008

You Can Finally Be Darth Vader


We’ve been super excited about Star Wars: The Force Unleashed since the trailer was released last year. Now get this: Not only will you be playing as Vader’s dark apprentice, but you will also be able to play at least one level as big bad Darth himself! Wait… There’s more: You will be hunting Jedi on the wookie planet (Kashyyyk).

So, basically, you get to be Darth Vader AND slay a bunch of Chewbaccas! “Laugh it up, fuzzballs!”


  1. […] Considering that the Han Solo in Carbonite office desk was recently released to nerdgasms everywhere, this mini-fridge seems to me the perfect place to store the Red Bulls for late night Force Unleashed gaming. […]

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