Posted by: Ryan McDonald | February 7, 2008

Face Off with Iron Man.

After sitting through some of the most mundane SuperBowl commercials and a fairly boring Super Bowl itself (Alright… the last 1/4 was pretty damned good), I sat back in my good friend’s living room and stared up at his 40″ HDTV in awe at the high point of the day:

The New Iron Man Trailer!

It just keeps getting better and better… I hope that the Iron Man movie can make up for the rash of mediocre to bad comic-themed movies we’ve gotten lately: The Hulk, Xmen 3, Superman Returns, Fantastic Four 2…

There’s a scene in the trailer where Tony Stark’s in the suit and yet his face is still showing… This makes me afraid that we’re going to get the Topher Grace as Venom bullshit have-to-see-the-actor’s-face-even-though-they’re-in-a-disguise-costume.

Maybe it’s just one scene.

Maybe I’m just being paranoid.

Maybe Ang Lee hurt me too much to care any more.

All I know is that stuff blows up, Iron Man looks badass and I’ll be there opening day.

‘Nuff said.


  1. I’ll be right there on opening day with you! This is the best looking superhero film in years (although I don’t think anything can top Batman Begins). As long as Ang Lee sticks to chick flicks and stays away from our superheroes, we should be okay.

  2. Put down the bowl … you’re being paranoid!!!!

  3. […] movies it’s really hard to pick just one that I’m most excited about. The Dark Knight. Iron Man. Indy 4… But those who know me know I’m a big ol’ X-Files fan, so the second […]

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